The ProCircuito established an office at Hong Kong to organize all the researching, quotations, purchase and shipping management in order to provide to the customers a whole solution for raw materials and machinery.

The ProCircuito has other partners throughout the world to manage your order, therefore we can find your good in any country.

The ProCircuito has the Brazilian Import/Export License, which can offer to customers who do not has it, furthermore, we can arrange the license services as well.

Our main activities are:

earth  –  Research and seek of products and machinery under customer´s specification.

–  HSCode researching and adequacy.

–  Local special licenses for radioactivity  devices, foods, electronics and any other good which needs government regulatory departments.

telephone-973  –  Quotations requesting.

ixpfthmvwytmjgkjkmja  –  Bank wire/remittance/payments.

pallet  –  Crate/pallets material controlled by IPPC directive.

Detective  –  Goods overhauling and certificates.

189220  –  Overseas freights hiring.

ContainerRed  –  Containers stowage/organizing.

searchicon-ship-plane  –  Insurance/shipping and vessel/plane booking.

–  Customs clearance/releasing (importations license and documents).

189230  –  Delivery.

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