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NTO QUICK TURNbandeira11bandeira1

foto41With two facilities,  one at US and other at The Netherlands, the NTO / Quick Turn  produces  equipments to PCB manufacturers such as:

– loader and unloader
– HASL – Hot Air Solder Leveling Lead Free.
– fluxers.
– pre and pos HASL treatment.
– converyorized spray machines.
– Solder mask fast final cure by IR system
– automatic electroplating lines.
– ENIG, Metallization, elctroplating lines.
– accessories such as hooks, titanium baskets /spare parts to Lantronic




foto2 Placed at Shenzhen, China, Micronic is expert in Flying Probes Testers concept.
Former Mania Technology, its team is the same, being its directors and engineers with many years of expertise, updated technology applied into the  Micronic´s testers, fed through  ProbeStar software from Four Stars, Germany, which keeps incessant updating and development for its operational softwares  (look at digest in this page).



foto3Placed at Bad Camberg, Germany, the Four Stars develops operational  softwares and measuring devices to Micronic’s   Flying Probes Testers and CLTech – Circuit Line Technology´s Universal Grid Testers  to bare PCB.

Former Mania Technology, its team is the same, developing ProbeStar and FastStar softwares and measuring modules as well:

– GPA – General Purpose Analog.
– IMD – Isolation Measuring Device.
– UMD – Universal Measuring Device.
– SCBEVO8  – System Control Board.
Which are command modules operating with the softwares together.
The FourStars´s systems are suitable to Mania & CLTech old machines upgradings



foto5Company with headquarters in Ivrea, Italy, produces:
– Drilling and milling machines by numerical control – CNC for manufacturing printed circuit boards.
-facilities drilling through X-ray, for multilayer circuits – multilayer.
-three-dimensional measurement equipment.
– Inspection by Ray X.
Their equipment meets all production profile, from prototypes to large scale production. With decades of experience in the business, it has a center of R & D which develops new and sophisticated technologies such as micro holes – micro drills, supporting worldwide.



foto6Company founded in 1976 and located in Parma, Italy, is part of Pluritec Industries Group, being the market leader in machines for horizontal and chemical processes, known worldwide. Focused on technology in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards, its equipment is built in titanium and stainless steel:
– deburring.
– polishing machines via pumice.
– alkaline and acidic etchers.
– films and metals strippers.


CMP FORNIbandeira5

foto7Company founded in 1951, after the second world war and settled in the city of Pavia, Italy, specializes in equipment for screen printing:
– Printers, for all kinds of industry, as textile, laminates, printed circuits, etc.
– UV and thermal cure.
– Drying tunnels for solder mask on printed circuits.
– Ink solder mask system by spray – EcoSpray.
– Loaders / unloaders for boards or laminates.



foto8Spanish company specializing in electroplating controls:
– Rectifiers.
– Automatic current regulating that connected to its rectifier, detects the cathode area or the area to be electroplated, the time of electrodeposition and the down and up process ramp up, only by applying the current density using a button.
There will be no need to calculate the area to be deposited, time control and no longer depend on operators.




foto10Company located in Dongguan City – Guangdong, China, produces:
– pre pregs automatic cutters with IR for sealing.
– v- scoring meter – hole Checker – tracks and holes gauges
– Inspection via X-ray – spectrophotometers – gel timer – hardness
– Impedânica test – Ionic contamination – of solderability test – peel strength
– equipment for metallography, microscopes and sanders
– climatic chambers, CVS – analyzer of organic additives in baths.
– laser cutter, for any material.



foto11Located in Zarautz, Basque Country, Spain, specializes in the construction of conveyorized horizontal lines and equipment for PP and PVC for the manufacture of printed circuit boards, electroplating, waste treatment station  and special projects:
– alkaline and acid corrosion.
– developers and strippers.
– chemical processes such as OSP, ENIG, silver, tin, metallization.
– dryers (the most efficient ever built).
– high pressure washers.
– machinery for FPCB – flexible circuits.
– the installed lines refurbishing, no matter the brand.



foto12Company located in Bangalore, India, works with purchase, sale, overhauling and refurbishing of CNC machines for drilling and milling printed circuit boards such as Pluritec, Posalux, Excellon, Lenz and Hitachi. Also repair motors (spindles).


Chinese manufacturer of electronic components forming equipments “Non-Standard Forming Machines”:
– PCB Lead Cutter.
– power transistor lead former.
– loose radial lead cutter.
– taped radial lead trimmer.
– axial lead former.
– jumper wire forming machine and other machines for mounting support in SMD. It also produces v-scoring separator plates, the V-cut PCB separator.



foto14Company specialized in:
– microscopes and accessories such as cameras.
– measurement software for various segments.
– spectrophotometer.
– hardness.
– supplies for metallography consumables.
– calibration and maintenance of equipment for quality control, metrology, metallography, testing and non-destructive meters, and all types of laboratories.



foto15Company located in Nanjing, China, produces:
– Carbon resistance testing machines on keyboards.
– Printed circuit repair machinery.
– Metallographic microscope.
– Extrusion equipment.




foto16Company located in Nanjing, China, produces:
–  UV exposure unit for various applications, such as dry film, diazo or contact print silver films.
– Mesh (silk screen) exposure unit.
– Dry film laminators.
– Diazo film developer.
– Dust removers (dust cleaner).


foto17Company placed in Shanghai, China, produces precision equipment such as:
– pHmeters multi parameters (pH, conductivity, salinity, Oxigen Biochemical Demand, saturation and temperature).
– Conductivity meters.
– Ion meter.
– Oxygen meter dissolved.
– Visible spectrophotometers UV and atomic absorption.
– Potentiometer titrators, polarimeters, refractometers, colorimeters, turbidity meters, photometers, gas chromatograph.


bandeira9The company is located in Reading, UK, specializes in:
– manufacture of spray nozzles for industrial systems, such as drying, inclusion of chemicals, compressed air, cleaning, painting, casting, etc.
– O-rings for sealing
– wearing tools.
– High pressure hoses.
– Ultrasound baths.
– Hole meters for printed circuit – Kwik Check.



foto22Company located in Gravataí-RS, Brazil, specializes in toolmaking, producing equipment in PVC and PP, such as:
– Gas washers.
– Extractors.
– Pickups.
– Tanks for electroplating.
– Storage silos.
– Decanters.
– Effluent treatment plant.
– Special projects and existing lines refurbishing.


KOZO OPTICSflagge-china

foto23Company located in Nanjing, China, specializes in:
– Microscope for all areas and applications such as metallographic, biological, industrial, stereo, polarization and fluorescence.
– Accessories like lenses and cameras.
– Measurement and management software for metallurgical areas / casting, pharmaceutical, textile and hardness.



foto24Company located in Kreuzwertheim City, Germany, produces equipment and lines for:
– Electroplating parts, jewelry, textiles and printed circuit.
– Complete line of equipment for the production of printed circuit boards,:
– Multilayer press.
– Legend printer.
– LDI.
– CNC.
– Polishing machines, etc.



foto25Company located in Taiwan, produces automatic equipment by camera, for:
– Building up and assembly of multilayers (lay-up) prior to pressing.
– Silk Screen automatic printers by cameras.



foto26Company located in California, United States, trades:
– Industrial, public and commercial light bulbs, to all over the world, with offices in several parts of the globe:
– Osran, Sylvania, Philips, GE and other
– Lamps for UV exposure units and LED for brands OLEC and COLIGHT.



foto27Factory located in Shenzhen, China, produces:
– Multilayers presses, since capacity for prototypes and small productions to large productions.



foto28Company located in Taiwan, provides:
– Parts and supplies for machines like Shoda.
– Motors for CNC in general (spindles).
– Equipment for spindles repairing laboratories.
– Maintenance services for several sort of machines.
– Used machines.



foto30Company whose headquarter is located in California, USA, with subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, PVA Tepla produces:
– Plasma equipment for several applications, semiconductor, bio medical environments, electronics, industrial and roofing applications are organic, metal, paint, keeping surfaces, environments and instruments, cleaned and sterilized promoting adhesion for any treatment application.



foto31Factory located in Shenzhen, China, produces inputs for screen printing, such as:
– screen printing squeegees.
– Screens (arrays) silkscreening.
– Frames and screens with stencil for electronic assembly.
– Adhesives, lacquers, emulsion removal products emulsions.
– Sharpeners screen printing squeegee.
– Clamps to stretch fabrics].
– Racks and tensiometers.
– Emulsion applicators and several accessories for screen  printing.


OSC SCIENCE TECHflagge-china
foto32Company located in Shenzhen, China, supplier of raw materials for the electronics industry such as automotive and PCB manufacturer. It supplies products to several companies around the world, offering:
– Scalpel blades.
– Touch-up pens in films and PCB during the manufacturing process.
– Adhesive tapes for high temperature.
– Scales for UV energy measurement – step Stouffer.
– Conveyers of particulate material (dust cleaner).
– Acetate blankets for UV exposure units.
– Metalografias molds for multi samples.
– Registers pins


foto33French company specialized in auxiliary materials for pressing multilayer circuits as:
– Conformal cushions avoiding kraft paper use.
– Release / conformal films to eliminate porosity in the copper surface during pressing and blind holes (blind way).
– Moisture absorption rolls in transport equipment by treadmill.



foto34Factory located in Shenzhen, China, produces:
– Manual or automatic UV and LED exposure units equipment.
– Manual or automatic Dry Film laminators.
– Protective film laminators for phototools.



foto39Established in 2002, rooted from a small plant in 1999, is located in Shenzhen, south of  China .We are specialized in manufacturing ESD Gloves, ESD  Heel/Wrist Strap, ESD Garment, ESD Chairs, ESD Sticky mat, ESD Mat and ESD Tapes. And also we are a leading distributor with 10 years experience for all ESD & Cleanroom products such as ESD Tools , ESD Packing , Clean room Consumables, Equipments, Soldering stations and Testers. Our customers are involved in various sectors: Micro electronics, Automotive , Electronics, Medical, Clean Room. Our Customer base includes LG Electronics, Flextronics, Foxconn, Panasonic,Alcatel and so on.



YS ELECTRONICS flagge-china
parcWas founded in 2004,is located in the world manufacturing city Jiangsu, professional pcb separator/pcb depanelizer electronic equipment machinery. Until now we have design different separating PCB types of PCB separator and PCB depaneling machine with manual, motor-driven, pneumatic-driven, mold punching, milling cutter router, PCB V-Cutting machine, Glue Dispenser Robot, Dry Cabinets, PCB Loaders, Stencil Cleaning Machine and much more. Due to the good quality and reasonable price our customers are all over the world.Up to now YuSH have became one of the biggest PCB separator production base in China.


OTT ANTRIEBE GmbHflagge-spanien2001, S.L.


Company placed in Germany, is specialized in brushed and brushless DC motors, AC motors, stepper motors, DC fans and blowers, ball screw and linear actuators, controllers and drivers for several areas such as robotics, bakery and any automation machinery
industry, promoting an individual solution and standarization. Due the extreme quality of its products OTT has more than 1400 customer throughout Germany, which could not be different due the very famous German tradition.



Sumenta Technology Electronics was founded in Shenzhen on 2008, the main research and development of 3D digital raster image acquisition system.
Nowadays, Shenzhen Tsinghua University digital research and development center, the implementation of strategic cooperation, PDG grating controller to enter the semiconductor applications.
Its main products are:
– SPI – desk top solder paste inspection
– Temperature termal profiler
– Stencil Inpection machine
– Parts conter.


WORLD TECHbandeira6


Was founded in 1997, is placed in Changan – Taiwan as its headquarters and Shenzhen City – China asits subsidiary, electronic equipment machinery.
Its main products are PCB automation machines such as loaders and unloaders for chemical lines and other machineries to PCB industry.
The equipments are
– cooling unloaders from dry film laminating
– unloader from chemical lines, with or without interleaves system which insert protective leaves amont the boards – option with robot arm
– loader to chemical lines, with or without interleaves system which remove protective leaves amont the boards – option with robot arm.
– stackers – 90° turner diverters – lift gate conveyor – dust cleaners
– OSP or washers lines loaders.




The company’s headquarter is located in Shenzhen and production base located in Huizhou. There is sale-service center established in Suzhou, Rongda Company always devotes to researching, developing and applying to PCB printing ink and other photosensitive chemical products. And established reaching & developing center in Shenzhen and Huizhou, so as to meet the high technical requirements of product quality, which arise from PCB industry development. Established in 1996, Shenzhen RongDa Photosensitive Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in the production of high-end photosensitive chemical materials, making great contributions to China printed circuit board industry (“PCB” for short).




FIRST was founded on 2003, located in Hangzhou City, producing Photosensitive Dry Film,
developed to PCB and FCB, both Ultra-Violet conventional exposuring and LASER Direct Image,
mosto f updated technology in images transfering.




Engel is stablished in 2009, located the first Special Economic Zobe-Shenzhen, Enge lis a high-tech enterprise that provides digital intelligent special equipment (CNC V-Scoring machines and RouƟng & drilling machines), and integrates the process of research and development, manufacture, sales and services.




IND-SPHINX Precision Ltd. is leading manufacturer of High Precision PCB Drills, Routers
and Special Tools for CNC machining of PCB’s. INDSPHINX incorporated in 1987 has its ISO 9001/13485 facilities in foothills of Himalayas in Parwanoo (H.P.) India. Team INDSPHINX is future ready with High Precision PCB Tools to
meet the needs of machining emerging applications and demanding PCB materials such as High Tg, Metal Core, Insulated Metal (IMS), MLB, PTFE Substrates besides conventional FR4. INDSPHINX is future ready with High precision PCB Tools to meet fast growing needs of demanding applications and Next generation PCBs.
Technology & Infrastructure
• State-of-the-Art Swiss, German and Japanese CNC machines and High end QC Instruments.
• NexGen Tool geometries employing High Performance Tungsten Carbides from Europe and Japan.
• In house High Performance CVD Diamond Coatings.


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