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Our reception place and olive transformation suffered the last largest upgrading on 2000. Gifted of modern equipments we have an olive reception line with leaf stripper, washer and contínuous weighing scale. The main sort of olives delivered by cooperators are kind verdeal transmontana, madural and cobrançosa, all of them varieties features of Trás-os-Montes region.  Are those varieties that given to olive oil from our region organoleptics features and are from them the taste, the color green, bitter and spicy and low acid value concerning chemical level.


The Macedo de Cavaleiros Agricultural Co-op has in its installations a laboratory that allows to  accomplish severel kinds of analysis regarding the olive and olive oil, however are the fat value analysis from olives delivered by our cooperators mainly.  Concerning to our process olive transformation our press place has two continous phases. Our work capacity is around 150 tons per it 24 hours into our very updated technology installed having a storage capacity close to 1 million of olive oil liters.



As if were not enough, we take advantage the olives seeds took off with seeds remover machine wich allows those seeds be used as energy applied and boilers. Concerning to packaging process, we have a bottled line that allows us satisfy the interests, both olive oil packaged in drums and in bottle.

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Azibo Extra Virgin Olive Oil  details

Product name: Azibo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Domestic use

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Description: Extra Virgin Olive Oil brand Macedo de Cavaleiros Agricultural Co-op is obtained through mechanic process, without both adhtives or preservatives.  Our high quality Olive Oil was awarded with Gold Medal in very known international contests.

Olives varieties: Cobrançosa, Verdeal e Madural


Color: yellow greenish

Acid Value: 0.1 %

Taste and Smell: very fresh fruit taste, in a harmonius combination bitter and spicy.  Its chemical features are accordingly with portuguese statement law (CE) n° 2568/91 and posterior changes.

Use advices: It can be used raw for salad seasoning or cooked dishes. It can be also used for fries, such as olives preservative agent, sausage and cheese.




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